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Best Qualities for Truck Drivers

A Truck Driver
Good truck drivers have a certain dedication to their job and appreciation of the work. If you're thinking about becoming a truck driver, it helps to know whether or not you have the skills, personality, and character to succeed in the job. Here's what you need to know.   


No doubt about it, truck drivers spend a lot of time on the road by themselves. This doesn't appeal to everyone. Some people need to be around others to feel connected. If this describes you, then you may struggle in a truck driving career. Many truck drivers find time alone to be peaceful and relaxing.  


Staying on schedule, arriving on time, and staying organized is an important part of driving a truck. A truck driver who can't deliver on time is unlikely to succeed at their job. Although driving schools discuss the importance of reliability, truck drivers must have an innate sense of timeliness. Truck drivers need to know how to be responsible for their load and getting to their destination on time. 

Mechanical Skills and a DIY Nature

Trucks break down sometimes, and often the repairs are easy to make if you know how. Truck drivers who can't fix their rig without pulling in to a service station will find it hard to meet their deadlines and arrive at their destination on time.

Truck driving schools teach drivers how to replace a fuse or a light bulb, but drivers must still have the will and desire to fix their truck when it breaks. They must also have good mechanical instincts and an appreciation for DIY repairs. Without these skills, it will be hard to make it on the road.

Ability to Focus

Clearly, with all that time spent on the road and away from people, the mind tends to wander. It's important for a driver to have the ability to maintain focus even after hours of isolation. Without the ability to focus, drivers may have accidents, miss turns, or arrive late to their destination. The ability to focus improves performance and safety. 

Sense of Adventure

Truck drivers don't just spend time on the road, sometimes they get to tour their destinations. One of the great benefits of this career is the opportunity to see the country one piece at a time. The best truck drivers often appreciate this aspect of the job, and it motivates them to continue doing their best work. 


Some routes go through large urban areas that are heavily trafficked. Traffic jams, slow moving roads, and detours are a common problem on these routes. Truck drivers must have the patience to get through these difficulties without feelings of road rage. This is important for the safety of the driver and safety of other people on the road.

If you struggle to keep your cool during slow times on the road, truck driving is probably not the career for you.

Good Driving Record

A good driving record is crucial because your driving record affects your insurance rates. Employers don't want to hire drivers who might increase their overall insurance costs.

Going to a good driving school helps truck drivers develop and maintain that safe driving record. A good driving school teaches drivers the crucial importance of safe driving and also the norms of life on the road. This helps drivers to perform safely while sharing the road with others.

If you believe you have the qualities of a good truck driver, then you may have a solid career ahead of you. If you have more questions about being a truck driver or how to enroll in a truck driving program, contact Commercial Truck Driving School. We'll be happy to help you get your start.