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Pros and Cons of Becoming a Spouse Truck Driving Team

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Are you in the trucking business or are considering entering it? With drivers earning a lucrative salary, enjoying benefits, and even getting hiring bonuses during this tight labor market, it's a great time to get into the trucking business.

Do you want to make even more and enjoy a more stable work environment? Then maybe you should consider becoming a truck driving team with your partner. What are the pros and cons of driving with your mate instead of alone? Here are a few things to consider.

Pros of Being a Husband-and-Wife Team

The primary upside to teaming up with anyone is that you can do longer runs because your truck is in operation for longer periods of time. You can switch each other when necessary and when reaching DOT hours of operation limits. The longer journeys possible with team driving can really boost the earning potential of each driver and each truck.

Plus, your combined income is going to the same household, which raises your overall family finances. Many trucking companies also prefer spouse teams due to the much lower turnover rate.  

Spending a long time on the road alone is one of the biggest turnoffs for new drivers thinking about trucking as a career. Having a partner alleviates this loneliness and makes the time pass quicker. The advantage that husband-and-wife (or partner-and-partner) teams have over other teams is that they love one another and have already established a friendship and routine. A team of spouses generally knows each other and is more aware of signs of depression, fatigue, or unhealthy eating.

A team can also make use of each person's strengths and minimize their weaknesses. Does one of you, for instance, enjoy administrative tasks more than the other? Then team up and trade off duties. Is one person stronger at navigating city traffic or tight parking? Is one more of a night person or a morning person? They can drive when at their best, keeping the load and both drivers safer.

Cons of Being a Husband-and-Wife Team

The biggest negative aspect of team driving, for most people, is being stuck in a very small space with your partner for a very long time on end. For teams of unrelated drivers, this often results in the partnership deteriorating and dissolving quickly due to irritation and conflict. If your home relationship hasn't been tested, or if you're not used to living together in small spaces, this could not only cause a breakup of your team, but also a breakup of your relationship.

Of course, just because you're stuck in a truck together, don't assume you'll be hanging out together all the time. The point of team driving is to take turns sleeping and driving. This means you may actually end up seeing your spouse less due to the on/off schedule. You and your partner can make accommodations for this, but you'll need to make a specific plan for spending time together when you're both awake.

Both parties not only have to enjoy spending a lot of time together, of course. They also must enjoy the lifestyle of the long distance truck driver. There are ups — like seeing the country and meeting new people together — but there are also downs — like roughing it while on the road and spending most of your time sitting in a vehicle. If both partners aren't fully on board, it could cause a lot of problems.

Would a team driving career work for you and your partner? Only you can answer that question. By weighing the upsides and downsides, you and your spouse can make the best decision both financially and for your relationship. To learn more about team driving as a career, call Commercial Trucking School today to speak with our experts.