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Commonly Asked Truck Driving School Questions and Answers

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How much does the driving course cost?
Call Commercial Trucking School today. The price includes truck driving lessons to earn a Class A driver’s license, which will allow you to drive and operate commercial semi trucks with trailers.
What does the course cover?
The course covers everything you need to pass the California DMV test. We are a hands-on truck driving school, which means we train you on how to physically drive commercial vehicles. We also provide you with written literature to study, but please note that we don’t provide lectures in a classroom. Our training is based on life practical experience. Our purpose is to have you become familiar with commercial trucks and to learn to drive and operate them.
Will I be training in a group or one-on-one?
Most of our classes are now one-one-one (you and the instructor per the class).
How long is the course?
It is up to you. You need the study and memorize the Air Brake Inspection, In-Cab Inspection and Pre-trip Inspection. When you learn the skills and driving the truck on the road and the freeway, you will be ready for the DMV Test, then program will be finished. Training comes easier to some drivers than others, the program could last anywhere from two weeks to six weeks.
What are the days and hours of the course?
Driving lessons are from 9:00 AM until 5:00 PM on weekdays. Trainees can join us at any time of the day during this schedule. Our hours are flexible, and you can come anytime you want. Keep in mind that the more hours you train, the faster you will learn and be able to pass your CDL driving test.
Do lessons take place on the weekends?
Yes, by appointment. Our classes are every day of the week; we train students off-roads and on public roads. Our students learn how to drive, operate, and maneuver the truck on actual public roads.
What is CDL Class A Driver’s License?
If you want to become a professional truck driver, then you’ll definitely want to get a Class A CDL Licence. With a Class A license, you’ll be able to operate any legal combination of vehicles, including those under Class B and Class C ratings. You can also tow any single vehicle with a Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) of 10,000 pounds or more, providing the flexibility you need carry whatever comes your way during your career as a truck driver.